Legal office

Eproco is not only an accountancy office but also a law firm that offers legal analyses, tax opinions or contract drafts as well as debt recovery services or representation of your company before state authorities or courts.

Our team of specialists has extensive knowledge of law and taxes as well as many-year experience in cooperation with companies of different sizes and from various industries; the following persons are the pillar of our office:
  • Jacek Płocharz, PhD - tax advisor
  • Rafał Mania - tax advisor
  • Michał Gajewski - legal advisor

Financial liquidity is an important element of every company; that is why Eproco can help you to recover any debt. Our legal advisor, based on a granted power of attorney, can carry out the entire debt recovery procedure in Poland, which will help to improve your finances, and you will be able to focus on running your business.

Our law firm also specializes in registration or transformation of commercial partnerships and companies, and our knowledge in the field of taxation allows us to choose a type of business and company organization tailored to your needs.

If you have a problem or you are looking for advice - please contact us.

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