Benefits of cooperation with Eproco

Cooperation with a professional accountancy office is a guarantee of access to a team of specialists, efficient and timely execution of entrusted tasks and lack of stress relating to tax inspections.

Running a business is exposed to dangers relating to constant changes in laws and regulations and the possibility of making various mistakes that will be meticulously accounted for by tax offices. Therefore, it is even more important to have a trusted team of advisors who will help you to avoid these mistakes and will provide you with information necessary to make appropriate business decisions.

Establishing cooperation with a professional accountancy office entails many benefits that every entrepreneur should take into account.

What do you gain by cooperating with us?

Document scans

Scanning documents not only saves cost and time, it also provides you with access to your invoices 24 hours a day from every place in the world that has access to the Internet.

Team of specialists

Eproco is a team of over 40 specialists in the field of accounting, economics, human resources and payroll, law and IT. In our team, we also have tax advisors and a legal advisor.

Automatic reports

Every client of Eproco receives automatic reports with results of their company by email. These reports can be tailored to your individual needs, thanks to which you will be able to make business decisions consciously.

Invoicing program

You do not need to invest in invoicing programs - Eproco will give you free access to such a system. You can issue invoices on any computer with access to the Internet; therefore, you can be a mobile company.

Electronic data exchange

Thanks to electronic data exchange between our systems, we can offer your company better services at lower prices. You do not need to send us paper documents, your settlements will be faster and, moreover, you will receive new functionalities to improve your company’s organization.

Connection to the client’s program

Do you have a different accounting program than the one used by our accountancy office? For us, it is not a problem - we have tools that allow us to work with almost every accounting program. System links will allow us to better serve your company and lower your costs.

Long-standing experience

We have 20-year experience in solving accounting and tax problems for clients. We have been operating on the market since 1999, thanks to which we know the specificity of the market and know how to support your company professionally.

Data security

Our company uses advanced data safeguards and various ways of data archiving, which ensures safety of our clients’ data. Modern IT systems, task automation and data security are among our priorities.

Everything in a single place

Establishing cooperation with an accountancy office is an important issue in operations of any company. Before hiring an accountancy office, you need to think about your expectations and you should take into account your company’s future development. Even if not now, you may need to use a tax advisor or a legal advisor in the future. You can then work with several different companies that will provide you with various services or you can at once hire a single accountancy office that will provide you with comprehensive services - after all, the accountancy office usually has all the necessary information about your company.

Price is not everything

When choosing an accountancy office, you cannot be guided solely by the price as it does not guarantee high quality of provided services. Only a large accountancy office that employs a team of specialists with many years of experience is able to provide you with comprehensive services in a single place. This will allow you to reduce costs of your business and you will not waste time on talks with various companies - in Eproco, you will find a comprehensive service.

To sum up the above arguments, cooperation with the Eproco accountancy office involves the following benefits:

  • time saving,
  • reduced costs and stress,
  • simplified company management,
  • access to a team of specialists in various fields,
  • access to up-to-date information and reports about your company,
  • access to scans of documents and an invoicing program,
  • increased security of the company and your data,
  • transfer of tax responsibilities and inspections to the accounting office.

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