Tax consultancy

You cannot avoid taxes, but you can make handling them easier. Cooperation with Eproco will allow you to reduce problems connected with calculating taxes on your own, especially given the fact that fiscal obligations are becoming more and more restrictive. We will handle your taxes and you will be able to focus on the development of your company.

Tax optimization

Introduction of some changes in the organization of your company may lead to tax optimization in your company. Using fully legal and available solutions often improves the security of your company and allows you to release additional funds for the development of the company. The key issue here is to analyse thoroughly and comprehensively all tax issues - Eproco has many years of experience in this regard.

In this respect, we also encourage you to consider transforming your business into a different legal entity, which will allow you to gain not only financial benefits. More information on this issue can be found on the subpage transformation of partnerships and companies.

Tax interpretations

Are you not sure whether your actions or plans will not be questioned during a tax inspection? It is better to check it in advance. Our tax advisors will apply for tax interpretations for you, thanks to which you will be certain that no nasty surprise will await your company during an inspection. The cost of obtaining such an interpretation is rather small compared to the possible risk and interest for 5 years of incorrect settlements.

Inspections and disputes

Nobody likes tax inspections; therefore, by commissioning Eproco’s services, you gain invaluable peace. Our clients often do not even know that their companies are inspected by office clerks, because the entire inspection takes place in our office based on a power of attorney granted to us.

Furthermore, in the event of any dispute regarding tax settlements, our tax advisors or legal advisors may represent you before tax authorities or courts, thus you gain better protection of your interests.

Check how we can help you

If you are thinking about using tax optimization in your company or you need tax advice, fill in this simple contact form, where you can describe your problem. We will try to present you with the best solution that will allow you to gain measurable benefits.

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