Legal consultancy

Nowadays, doing business is not easy and we realize that you may encounter various problems every day; that is why we offer you services of our law firm.

Access to specialists

Our legal department consists of several people; the pillar of this department is formed by two tax advisors and a legal counsel who have many years of experience and extensive knowledge of law and taxes. The close cooperation of the tax advisors and the legal advisor provides you with comprehensive services, including ensuring the most favourable tax settlements. These persons may represent you and your company in any disputes with state authorities or before common courts.

Services from A to Z

Legal consultancy is a broad concept, which includes both legal advice, analyses of commercial contracts and providing ongoing legal advice, as well as handling complex cases or disputes, which often last for years and require specialist knowledge. We know that legal language is not always easy, which is why we can help you with these matters. By commissioning Eproco to provide legal advice, you have the certainty that your cases will be handled professionally and you gain more time to run your business.

Legal consultancy means saving

Do not be afraid to ask for help before you make a decision. Do not be afraid to commission Eproco to handle your problem from the very beginning. Legal assistance provided at the very beginning of a case frequently saves costs of fixing errors at a later stage. Do not always trust information from the Internet, because it may be out of date, especially when the legal status is constantly changing. The low consultancy cost at the very beginning of the case will often allow you to choose the best solution and reduce unnecessary expenses. Fixing mistakes (even simple ones) often takes more time and require more costs, so cooperation with a good law firm means savings for you and your company.

Do you have a problem, do you need help?

Fill out this simple fontact form by simply describing your case or problem. We will contact you and present our idea how to solve this issue. Check our services in practice and see how easy it is to work with Eproco.

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