Debt recovery

Each company has clients who fail to make their payments on time. You do not have to accept that! Do you know that your passivity affects adversely your financial standing? Why to enable your clients to use your money with impunity. We will help you to recover your funds.

The sooner the better

Do not wait endlessly. If your clients fail to make their payments on a regular basis and, in addition, avoid contacting you or continually fail to keep their promise of payment, it is a sign that it is time to take appropriate legal steps. By waiting, you reduce your chance of getting your money back. Other creditors may have already instigated enforcement proceedings against your client and before you take any action, the bailiff will sell all the debtor's assets and you will recover nothing. You have the best chance of recovering your money if you start acting immediately after finding out that your client has failed to pay you.

Full debt recovery services

Eproco will carry out the entire debt recovery process for you. We can start by making a request for payment - often a request for payment signed and stamped by a lawyer motivates your debtor to pay the debt. If that does not help, we will go to court and get a payment order for you. Such an order forms the basis for enforced debt recovery if the debtor still fails to pay. The final stage is enforcement proceedings carried out by a bailiff, where Eproco oversees all the proceedings until they are completed. The sooner you decide to collect debt, the greater the chance that the enforcement proceedings will be successful and you will recover all your money.

Debt recovery with Eproco includes, among other things:

  • a request for payment
  • an action for payment - together with conducting possible court proceedings in the case of an appeal against a payment order,
  • enforcement proceedings - supervising enforcement proceedings carried out by a bailiff, including possible seizure of real property,
  • pursuing claims against partners, shareholders or board members of insolvent companies,
  • unrecoverability report - we can prepare for you an unrecoverability report for receivables that are not profitable to recover.

Debt recovery can be free for you

Debt recovery is carried out for you by our legal advisor on the basis a granted power of attorney. At each and every stage, the court or bailiff awards costs of legal representation for the attorney in accordance with rates applicable at a given time - this is your cost of running the recovery proceedings through Eproco. However, the debtor has to reimburse you for this cost. So, if the entire debt recovery procedure leads to recovering money, your debt recovery costs will be neutral (what you will pay Eproco will be returned to you by the debtor). The sooner you start the recovery procedure, the greater the chance of free debt recovery.

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